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The Power of Neuroplasticity

Updated: 17 hours ago

Have you ever had a time where you would imagine something and it would either show up or happen eventually? That is the power of selective thinking. Because once you see something, you start thinking about it and also visioning it happening to you. This is a discovery that recently has been on my mind. This is when I decided to keep doing what I have been doing for the last 10+years when teaching art, but now starting in 2024, I am talking about what I have discovered to be an important way of thinking to live a long healthy creative life. When we learn new things, we are creating new pathways in our brain. The neurons can either advance or deteriorate, and we have total control of this! How amazing is this. That means we can tell our brain what we want, what is real and what isn't. Humans are the only species that know about death. Because of this, we humans fear many things and tell our brain that we can't do something, we aren't good enough, and everything else that comes to our mind. We are programed of negative thoughts and the way of thinking has been learned as we grew up and learned by experiences (some good, some bad). What if you knew that we can change all of this, reprogram our thinking and start seeing positive results? Would you try it? Here are some tips on trying this with something as simple as a stomach ache or pain you have in your body. Instead of grabbing medicine, sit for a moment in silence, tell yourself you feel better, you don't have a tummy ache or a part of your body doesn't hurt. Imagine you smiling and full of joy, you are at your favorite place. You have just reset your mind and refreshed the way you think. How do you feel now? Hypnosis happens in a state of Theta. We can do self hypnosis on ourselves and create anything that comes to our mind and reaching for it is limitless. You just need to believe it and try it. Neuroplasticity, is such an amazing discovery to me, that I hope you also can find some information on it too! I first discovered it on a podcast with Dr. Tara Swart. "Change your thoughts, Change your life" by Dr. Wayne Dyer is a wonderful book to read. I would recommend the book Tao Te Ching and discover living the wisdom of the Tao. It's Never too late! Now, I can be anything I want and do anything I want- YOU can too! Refresh your MIND.

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