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The brains of children are so amazing, I want to shout!

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I remember so vividly teaching homeschoolers about 7 years ago. My classes began in 2014 where I taught mostly adults and maybe a few teenagers that would come with their parents. Around 2017, I heard of some homeschooling parents wanting to introduce art to their groups and so we started those classes at random places. I was a mobile art studio, so it was easy to find the location that worked for them best. I am so happy I had the opportunity to teach homeschoolers and also have private kids birthday events because I learned a lot from these classes. I am a mother of 3, so I kinda knew what to expect when working with kids, but some of the kids that I taught were amazing! I mean they were the kindest, quietest, most well behaved children I had ever been around. I always admired the homeschoolers parents, because I know I wouldn't be a good parent to be in that position. Now, that I think back at this experience- I have to say without a doubt that I was meant to experience this- I have always had that type of mindset. Everything happens for a reason mindset. Opportunities would always come at the right time in my life and I saw them and took action. Have you ever felt the same way? Did you jump or stand still and let it pass you by? We have the ability to create whatever we want to and be whoever we want to- this is all because of neuroplasticity!

New scientific research has proven that we have the ability to learn more than we give ourselves credit for. The 100 billion neurons in our brain are just waiting for us to create new pathways, so it can keep learning and showing off our new found skill. The problem with getting to that point, is convincing ourselves we are able. We tell ourselves we can't do something as an adult, but when we are kids everything is possible... we try new things all the time. The elasticity is definitely more pliable when we are young, so making sure we give our kids as many opportunities while they are young, is key to letting them find their passion in life. Some of the questions that the the kids had, the interesting ways they would do something with their paint or brush, were always intriguing to me. My parenting skills came in handy, as I raised my kids to be independent and I was always that conscious parent that allowed my kids to learn from their mistakes and let them make choices. Today, I can say these 3 grew up to be amazing young adults. One thing that I learned is that we could use some great tips from our children. They have a lot to teach us also.

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