The Model- Starting it Today fully!

Today I wake up renewed... I have been having so many dreams of my dad who passed away in July 2020, his death was sudden and I wish I could of seen him before he died. One thing I know is he is in peace and not in pain. I know what I choose to think about will determine how my day will go... so I choose peace.

Its Thursday Jan 14th. Chris and I have a pretty normal morning as he gets up earlier than I and gets ready for work. he starts the coffee and then off to work he goes with a nice brew to sip on his one hour drive to work. This morning I layed in bed checking my email and social media posts and he walks in with a cup of coffee. Oh coffee in bed seemed so pleasing... I thanked him and sat in bed thinking about what my day entailed. What do you think about as soon as you get up? This morning I thought about the dreams (so many) I had and wondered what they meant. Do you do that? They were so vivid this time and my dad talked to me. He said wow, you slept in for a long time this morning, and I said well you are back now and you have slept for 6 months, you must be rested! he smiled. I just know he is with us- his spirit lives and as long as I believe this in my head, it will be real.

I woke up with an urge to clean, weird right? I grabbed my favorite wipes and went to work- started in my bathroom and even did the baseboards and the floors with my hands. i really saw how dirty everything was and thought, wow- i know Chris will not even notice that i cleaned this bathroom. Then I thought what does that even matter- cause it doesn't even bother him. It was something that i knew was there and wanted clean- so telling him doesn't do any good, prob just make him feel bad since he couldn't help. So I decided to keep cleaning everything even the tub. I felt so good afterwards. I didn't think about why do I have to do this, this is so gross, why doesn't Chris clean this shit... but then I remembered that He is at work working hard and this was really something I have the time and energy to do- so why not do it with a happy grateful heart and get it done! well I did get it done and it felt good. I don't need anyone to tell me I did a good job, that the home looks better- I know it is and it was such a great feeling. Never feel like you have to justify what you do to make you feel good, even if it is cleaning a toilet! lol

I continued on starting laundry, cleaning the other bathroom and look up to all three pets looking at me. just staring. it was so hilarious and I love them anyways even though they are the ones that make the most mess I have to clean up everyday. Pets can be a pain, as they follow you around the home, get in your way when you clean and make you feel so annoyed, but then why are you annoyed? I chose not to let them annoy me- just move about around them, get things done. It felt great when I chose to do this. I learned that pets are there for my joy not theirs. we can love on them as much or as little as we want to. they don't care, they just want treats. lol. they really do love us humans unconditionally, and it is so sad when humans abuse their pets... but that is another story. Can humans love each other unconditionally? They only can if they don't react to something the other person says or does. I learned that some people like to please their spouse or friends by doing what they know they like... it can be by saying or acting and this isn't unconditional love. Unconditional love is when I am honest, I tell the truth and I share it with whoever I am talking to and they say something back to me that may hurt my feelings, since they may not agree with what I just said. Then, if I can love them no matter what they said to me and not let what they said to me hurt my feelings, I am loving them unconditionally. Once I understood this, my life changed! It is not easy, but honestly you decide the outcome, you decide what you think about and how you feel.

Today I choose to not let anyone hurt my feelings. I know that my Thoughts create my Feelings which create Action and produce a Result! Thank you Brooke Castillo for THE MODEL, which I will practice everyday. It is never too late to change, LEARN to create and to LIVE life to the fullest!

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