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Cost- $1- hand fan, $3-$6 paint, $5-$30 canvas depending on size, $10 set of nice paint brushes that include a large flat, a small flat, a large round and small round. FREE/Evtra around the home - old rag, paper plate and a solo cup


April 2023

Acrylic paint can come in many different textures of thickness. Some can even look like oil paint, but dry faster. I like to use acrylic paint because it dries faster and much cleaner to wash off the brushes and skin. Here I will share how you can use the thicker acrylic paint that looks like oil paint but dries faster.

Start by choosing the colors and adding them to your paper plate. Using the large flat brush paint the background first. Then look at the details - what goes in the background in the first layer should be painted first. When you join in my class- I take you step by step in creating your version on the painting we are learning. You can always take away or add other elements. I am here to help if you get stuck. When changing colors, we use little water. That is when the rag comes in handy. Grab the brush and put it in between the rag and wipe clean. When you are finished with the first layer, that is when you use the fan to help dry the background faster. When you are moving from light colors to dark, I skip wiping the brush, but I may depending on how much paint is on the brush. The goal is to finish a 12x12 in 1 hour and a 16x20 or similar sizes in 2 hours. Join me in a live class and see how your skills advance much faster than watching a virtual lesson. Check out all the FREE Virtual lessons on my YouTube Channel @jinwilliams23

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