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Support our initiative with Fresh Food for Children Project, providing hands-on opportunities for youth to participate in growing, harvesting and the joy of cooking simple meals, that in-turn creates healthy lifestyle changes.


We work hand-in-hand with schools, local outreach and community leaders to transform abandoned buildings and overgrown landscapes into beautiful gardens and small farms that feed and educate so many children living in food-insecure households.


This campaign joins 50 Friends in a $50/month commitment to launch several of our community-led projects in rural food desert areas from SW Ohio to Appalachian regions of North Carolina.




Be one of 50 Friends of Food for Life, giving $50/mth


We are on a mission to bring Art and Fresh Food to the surrounding area through therapeutic education for schools, businesses and organizations.

Our world needs more creativity and simplicity.

We will grow by learning that by giving through action, kindness and compassion,  we can all live in peace and harmony, no matter the circumstances.

join us!!!

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